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Frequently Asked Questions

There are three main financial resources available to help families afford a Catholic Education: The Ohio EdChoice Program, The Catholic Education Fund, and Parish Scholarships. The Ohio EdChoice Expansion Scholarship is a universal scholarship for all Ohio students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. The Catholic Education Fund provides needs based financial aid for families up to 649% of the Federal Poverty Level. Parishes offer scholarships and grants to parishioners meeting specific criteria. Please contact your parish for more information.

Our schools welcome students and families of many faiths. However, we are a CATHOLIC school. Our curriculum includes religion courses where we teach the Catholic faith, and we have regular school Masses that students will be required to attend.

Catholic school students gain exposure to other religions and traditions in the normal course of studies – but we focus religious teaching and training on the Catholic faith. Secondary school students may have more curricular choices to learn specifics of other world religions.

We conduct standardized tests each year to assess student progress and grade level equivalency. This information is used by schools to tailor depth of knowledge and subject matter topics appropriately for each student. Check with your preferred school for more localized program offerings.

Many of our schools have comparable programs and meet the needs of students with special needs. Our programs are tracked on Individual Service Plans (ISPs). Contact specific schools in your area for information on the specific

Our schools do participate equitably with public schools in their localities. We share equitably in the benefits of all Title programs, as well as Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) programs.

Our elementary schools participate in nationally normed standardized testing each year. Our high schools conduct placement tests and college based readiness tests as well. As the State of Ohio testing protocols change, we do fully comply with all state test requirements as well. Results of all these types of tests are shared with our families.

All of our schools follow the Ohio Catholic School Accreditation Association (OCSAA). The OCSAA is a collaborative undertaking of the Catholic dioceses in Ohio and is governed by the Superintendents of Schools who serve as the OCSAA Commission. The purpose of the OCSAA is to strengthen Catholic school identity and mission and to engage Catholic schools in the ongoing improvement of student learning.

Our entire teaching faculty is required to hold valid state licensure for the grade level and subject area that they are teaching. In addition, teachers are required to maintain professional development continuing education in both subject area and catechetical certification.

Schools recruit and hire teachers based on their academic and spiritual preparedness to become a Catholic school teacher. Candidates must be academically fit for their subject area and grade level. Candidates must also provide authentic witness to the tenets of the Catholic faith.

Walk in tours are available. They will also have scheduled open house dates with more information. If you wish to set up a tour contact specific schools in your area to see which dates work best for you.

Our schools offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities including: sports, clubs, service based projects, scouting, parish based efforts, and many more projects and activities. Contact specific schools in your area to see which specific activities each school offers.

Most of our elementary schools are owned and operated by Catholic Parishes. The school is one of many ministries that the parishes support. Importantly, the Parish provides spiritual guidance and supports religious education programs within the school. The Parish also provides physical and financial support to the school to keep tuition and expenses as low as possible.

In most circumstances, local school districts provide equivalent transportation services to Catholic school students as they do for public school students. Contact specific Catholic schools in your area to see what services are offered.

We purposefully blend our faith into every aspect of our school, curriculum, employees, and activities. We help students grow academically and in their faith lives. Come visit a Catholic school, and you will see the difference immediately.

For generations, Catholic schools have focused on values that so many parents seek in a quality education: faith formation, superior academic results,  the building of character, and a safe, caring community where your child is accepted, respected, and never lost in a crowd.

We view parents as the primary educators of their children. We are here to help provide structure and content to supplement the faith, values, and education that parents want for their children. We provide the resources of a strong faith community to assist and support parents.

Transfer students may be accepted. Contact your local Catholic school for more specific information.

Our schools emphasize service to others as a vital Christian teaching, and we believe it’s an important part of living witness of the Catholic faith. The requirement varies by school.

We do not take a backseat in the use of technology in our schools. Each school has a technology plan, and we bring 21st century instructional methodology to our students.

Our schools use the Graded Course of Study which is a blend of the State of Ohio educational standards and Catholic identity .

Each of our schools has a unique ‘flavor’ or charism that fits the local community best. Make sure to try and visit several schools to see the subtle differences. The common thread is that all our schools are united in providing a superior educational experience steeped in the Catholic faith and tradition.

We open our doors to families seeking an authentic Catholic education, regardless of their particular religious affiliation. We recognize school ministry as part of the overall evangelizing mission of the Catholic Church.

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