Tuition Assistance

Finding The Best Option

Schools and Parishes

Some schools and parishes have their own funds to provide additional aid to parishioner families. For example, many of our high schools have strong development offices and generous alumni. Other schools and parishes may not be situated to do so because of size, relative newness, or less-advantaged neighborhoods. Click here to contact the school you’re interested in for more

Catholic Education Foundation

Because strong, sustainable education programs in schools and parishes are vital for the future of the Catholic Church, 50% of the proceeds (or $65 million) of the One Faith, One Hope, One Love campaign will be used for Catholic education in our archdiocese. For a look at foundations history click here. For their guidelines click here.

Ohio Education Choice Programs

There is an existing State of Ohio program sponsored through Ohio School Choice entitled the ‘Ed Choice’ program. This program provides funding for K-12 students who reside within the district of a low performing public school. The family can apply for Ed Choice assistance which provide funding for most of Elementary School tuition and a substantial portion of high school tuition. Check out your eligibility here.

EdChoice Expansion Scholarship

There is a phase-in of a second new state tuition scholarship called the “EdChoice expansion scholarship.” For schools that opt into this program, generous EdChoice scholarships can now be awarded to their families based on need (income-determined) rather than only to families who live in low performing school districts. This state program is being rolled out progressively – last year only families of Kindergarten –Grade 2 students could qualify; this school year, only K -3rd grade, and so forth. It will take some time to affect qualifying families in all grades, but this will be helpful to our families who do qualify, and the Catholic school they select. Families of students in K-8 who qualify for this program will have all their tuition need met and will not need to apply for the CEF assistance, freeing up funds to help other families and students. Check out your eligibility here.

Special Needs

Two other forms of state scholarships exist that relate to students with special needs: the Autism Scholarship and the John Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Grant.