K-8 Tuition Information


K-8 Grade Student Grants

  • Level of Need Based on Income: All K-8 grade grants funded by the CEF will be awarded based upon the assessed financial need of our families, performed by a third-party company which will examine a family’s income and suggest a level of need.
  • $1000 Limit: A grant will not exceed the amount of $1,000 per student, with the amount determined by the financial needs assessment. (This $1,000 is an initial limit; it may increase in future years, dependent on future funds raised and changing policies of the grant program.)
  • Annual Applications: These grants must be applied for annually, and will be awarded without distinguishing between families based upon religion; however, local parishes/schools could make such differentiations in awards of separate local tuition assistance.
  • Qualifying for Other Support: These primary school grants will not be provided to any family who already receives, or who qualifies to receive, full tuition support from state-funded Parental Choice programs (the EdChoice Scholarship, the Jon Peterson Scholarship, etc.). However, these grants will be awarded before any form of locally-generated tuition assistance (such as parish or school aid).
  • Which Schools Apply: Awarded grants may be applied at any Catholic Elementary School recognized by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Qualifying families may select from any one of these Catholic Schools that best fits their situation. In order for Catholic Schools to remain eligible for their students to qualify for these grants, Catholic elementary schools must achieve at or above a minimal level of achievement and compliance, as assessed by viability metrics established by the Catholic Schools Office. These metrics ensure that meet standards for Catholic Identity, Academic Effectiveness, and Operational measures.

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