How to Make It Affordable


Like everything of value, there’s no getting around the fact that a Catholic education costs money. We won’t lie and say that it’s always easy for our families to afford tuition. Here are some recommendations about how to make it possible.

Talk to your pastor and/or school principal

Many parishes and schools have some resources to help families. They can also make you aware of scholarships and financial assistance programs that work with the school. It’s important to remember, however, that they are non-profit ministries and working hard to run efficiently and pay their own bills. The point is – have the conversation.

Check on the availability of State of Ohio Educational Choice programs

Ohio’s EdChoice program gives scholarships to families who live in academically troubled school districts to attend Catholic Schools. In addition, students entering kindergarten through 2nd Grade in the 2015-16 school year can qualify based on income no matter where they live. Lastly, there are specific programs for students with certain disabilities. You can check out your eligibility here.

Click here for more possible tuition assistance programs.Tuition Assistance

We hope you prayerfully consider a Catholic School for your family and come to share our passion for Catholic Schools. There is only one opportunity to raise your child in the Catholic faith, and we believe our schools are the best choice for what really does matter most.