Dan Molina – Value of my Catholic education

25 January, 2018 By Josh Ater

Dan Molina – Value of my Catholic education

Value of my Catholic Education

My experience in Catholic schools was game-changing. Catholic education and what it instills – faith, family, discipline, the quality of the education, the camaraderie, and the beliefs that brought everyone together. The Catholic education I experienced in grade school and high school really created the base from which the rest of my life would flow.

My parents put great emphasis on our Catholic education. As immigrants from Cuba, they started from very humble beginnings. They did without in other areas so that we could be educated in a Catholic grade school and high school. They saw the immense value of a Catholic education. We learned the value of people above other things, and at home, it was reinforced. That basically set the base for my life and everything I would do.

When I approach anything, I approach with that belief. What is the greater good?

I picture a time when I’m going to be on a porch in a rocking chair, I’m going to be asking did it matter? What I did…did it matter?

In my life, (Catholic education) it has made all the difference, and as a result, I do the same thing with my own children.

It’s an investment. We make because of the yield. And return on that investment is priceless.

-Dan Molina, President & CEO, CenterGrid

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