9-12 Tuition Information


Grade 9-12 Student Grants

  • Financial Need: All grade 9-12 grade grants funded by the CEF will be awarded based upon the financial need of families, assessed by a third party firm for the high school to which the student applies. In turn, the high school will notify the family of their application status.
  • Grant Eligibility: Unlike the grant eligibility for the K-8 grade students, at the high school level these grants can be used along with state-funded Parental Choice programs, such as EdChoice. The grants are awarded after state-funded assistance, family contribution, and high school and/or other institutional aid is applied.
  • $1000 Limit: Grants will not exceed the amount of $1,000 per student.
  • Annual Applications: These grants must be applied for annually, and will be awarded without distinguishing between families based upon religion; however, local schools could make such differentiations in awards of separate local tuition assistance.

Awarding grants for high school student follows this procedure:

  1. Families must first apply for Financial Assistance through their high school of choice.
  2. The level of need is assessed based on family income by a third-party firm
  3. Then any state tuition aid is applied for those who qualify for state program assistance.
  4. There will be a personalized level that families will be expected to contribute to their child’s education, so next that amount is deducted.
  5. There may be other school sponsored, need based aid or scholarship that the school can apply, and that amount is deducted.
  6. CEF Assistance will then be awarded, by remaining family need after these deductions, up to $1000 maximum

Contact the school directly for application information.